• "Paolo"

    Paolo has lead several teams of scientists, engineers and artists in creating state of the art technology and entertainment events. He has a passion for using science in social context. Paolo has worked as a scientist, engineer and analyst in venture capital. He also worked in innovation consulting. Paolo holds a PhD in Physics from the Swiss Institute of Technology and MBA from University of Michigan.
  • "Karen"

    Karen has recently worked in development for gamification and interactivity design for several online brands. Prior to this she was a product development manager with Motorola mobile. Karen has a background in design and marketing.
  • "Giuseppe"

    Giuseppe is a renewed data mining and data analytics scientist who has worked in the field for over 15 years and has published over 100 papers. Giuseppe’s research has generated the core technology for two data analytics companies. His contributions include state of the art algorithms in segmentations, workflow processing, model analysis, sentiment analysis, topics models , social virality and recommendation.
  • "Ettore"

    Ettore has worked in data analytics and big data for over 7 years. His research has focused on topics models, social media sentiment analysis, trend setter identifications and understanding viewers/users behavior through advanced mathematical models. Most recently he has worked at combining social media information models with online video virality. Ettore holds a PhD in computer science from the university of Calabria, Italy.